Exceptional Holidays, unparalleled Knowledge and Support

When you book your holiday with Travel Tailor, you can be sure that you are in safe and knowledgeable hands. Our team has a wealth of experience and destination knowledge that’s second to none. We use our combined skills to create exceptional holidays tailored to you.

We don’t just create the perfect itinerary – we provide ongoing support before, during and after your trip to ensure your best possible experience.

24/7 Emergency Support

You’ll never have to worry about any issues or challenges during your trip. We are always ready to assist you and find immediate solutions, ensuring a smooth and relaxing travel experience.

Detail Driven

Our team of travel experts is at your service to provide recommendations, advice, and support throughout your trip. Work hard to ensure we’ve covered every detail, and you can enjoy a hassle-free holiday.

Real Value

When you book with us, you’ll get the best prices and high-quality service that exceeds your expectations. Whether you are a solo traveller or a group, we provide exceptional service that’s worth every dollar.

Beyond the Usual

We create holiday experiences that go beyond the standard options. We will create an itinerary designed to excite you. Expect the unusual when it comes to destinations and experiences.

Adventure Addicts

If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for your next adrenaline rush, look no further. We have the destinations to inspire, delight, and challenge you at every level. We can help you find your next adventure.

Sports Group Specialists

We arrange access to a range of prestigious sporting and cultural events worldwide, including behind-the-scenes and after-party access as well as conferences and tours.

meet our team

Zoe Reinitz

Founder & Managing Director
Top Pick: Sri Lanka

Zoe is an experienced and dedicated travel manager who has worked in the travel industry since 2012. Throughout her impressive ten-year career, Zoe has worked with clients across Australia, many working with her throughout her entire career. Zoe’s ability to motivate, improve performance and set goals has been vital in helping the team reach success. Zoe's passion for the industry shines through all of her work, and her clients can always trust that they receive exceptional service from a diligent and detail-focused partner who is reliable and knowledgeable.

Chris lancaster

Founder & Executive Director
Top Pick: San Sebastian

Chris is a highly respected and experienced travel consultant who's had remarkable success in the travel industry. With an unbeatable work ethic, unparalleled skill set, and a passion for helping his clients, Chris quickly rose up the ranks of Flight Centre Travel Group, where he started as a complex airfare specialist in student travel, quickly becoming the top travel consultant within the group’s global business. His client base soon expanded to include those needing high-end executive leisure services and corporate travel arrangements for their companies. With over ten years of expertise, Chris has become one of the most trusted and prominent figures in the travel industry today.

Mitchell foy

Head of Technology
Top Pick: Scandinavia & Iceland

Mitch is an exceptional travel professional with a wealth of knowledge in the industry. Commencing in the travel business in 2015, Mitch has developed into an airfare wizard and technology genius. He is a prodigy in understanding complex itineraries and airfares, making him the go-to expert for ticket-related matters. Furthermore, Mitch's multitude of tools and resources helps uphold Travel Tailor's efficiency and productivity standards – a truly invaluable asset! Mitch has worked extensively with Chris and Zoe in past roles, making him an integral part of Travel Tailor's team.

Caitlin ramsay

Global Sales Executive
Top Pick: New York City

Caitlin has been making her mark on the travel industry for over 11 years, having worked in Australia, New York and London. Her impressive career has seen her specialise in Group and MICE travel, where she has enjoyed organising VIP experiences for various exciting sporting and world-renowned events. Her invaluable connections abroad have become essential to the Travel Tailor Group. Additionally, Caitlin was the Director of Travel for Total Management - a high-end concierge company with offices in London and New York - furthering her remarkable global experience. Caitlin's diverse portfolio includes opening The Sentry in NYC – a luxurious rooftop members-only club, and Urban Golf, an indoor golf facility in London. With her expertise in flawless travel management, friendly attitude and expansive network of contacts, Caitlin is an indispensable asset to any organisation.

Nick Pemberton

Travel Expert
Top Pick: Japan

Nick is an experienced travel agent and has been in the business for 12 years, having managed three travel agencies during his career. Nick was an integral part of the team that set up Travel Tailor and continues to deliver outstanding customer-centric planning solutions tailored to each individual’s needs. Through his dedication to personalised service, he has helped thousands of customers create lasting holiday memories.

Laura Yates

General Manager
Top Pick: Nepal

Laura is a seasoned and accomplished sales and operations manager with over 20 years of experience in the finance and tourism sectors. She’s navigated diverse roles, from being a passionate and high performing travel consultant in her early years, to most recently managing a retail bank branch for 3 years. Having led a team of 140 travel consultants across 25 sites in her role as Brand Leader for Flight Centre Travel Group, Laura excels in driving revenue growth, crafting effective sales strategies, and leading high-performance teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Her outstanding communication skills and knack for building strong relationships across all levels are key to her success. Passionate about leadership and people development, she combines her professional expertise with a love for all things travel, most especially for adventurous and off the beaten track experiences.

corporate TRAVEL

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Sporting Groups, Tours and Conferences

Talk to us about arrangements for tours and groups. We specialise in organising and arranging a range of high-end, luxury group experiences for tours, conferences, cultural and sporting events that include exclusive access to after-parties and behind-the-scenes experiences. We can organise golf trips with access to private courses with your own golf professional to accompany you.

If a flagship world sporting event is what you’re after,  we can help you with a behind-the-scenes tour of some of the top college basketball teams, exclusive Superbowl packages for football fans, NBA playoff packages for basketball enthusiasts, and F1 hospitality tickets for motorsports fans. We can craft personalised packages tailored to your group’s broad needs, preferences and tastes for any event.

Customer Service is the foundation of our business. Technology plays a critical part in our offering and any modern travel program. However, dedicated and tailored service is what sets us apart from our competitors.